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We communicate with you via email and text messages(SMS) while in route and while in Bermuda. By submitting this reservation order and our acceptance thereof, you are giving us your permission to send email and SMS notifictions related to this reservation.

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Private Transfers and Shuttle Pickup times stated on your reservation for Airport Departures are set automatically according to the Airline's published time, the mandatory 2 hour pre-flight check in, and ample travel time in consideration of road conditions between your hotel to the airport. We actively monitor all regularly scheduled commercial flights (Arrivals and Departures) in an out of Bermuda. Pick up times on arrivals are adjusted for early arrivals and reasonable flight delays. We reserve the right to cancel this reservation for after hour flight delays

Due to immigration and customs processing, shared shuttle departure times from LFW International Airport to final destination may vary.

Prices quoted do not include gratuities or waiting surcharges. Additional fees and surcharges must be satisfied at the conclusion of service.


Exclusive VIP Concierge Service (Arrival)
3 passengers 6 pieces of luggage

Our Exclusive Arrival VIP Service provides unmatched personal attention for the discerning traveler. A concierge will Greet you at the airline arrival gate, Personally Assist with your luggage collection. Swish you through a VIP Customs and Immigrations Line. Your concierge will Summons your assigned vehicle to the Airport Exit, And see that you and your luggage are loaded and heading to the correct destination.

Exclusive VIP Concierge Service (Departures)
3 passengers 6 pieces of luggage

Our Exclusive Departure VIP Service Provides Unmatched Personal Attention For The Discerning Traveler. Your Assigned Vehicle will arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your pick-up time A Concierge will meet you upon your arrival at the airport, Assist with your check-in and baggage and Escort You to the VIP waiting Lounge Included in this package is complementary ^&%$#, *&^%^

Toyota Coaster Mid-Size Bus ( 24-28 passengers)
24 passengers 24 pieces of luggage

The Toyota Coaster Mid-Size bus is one of the most popular transporters of this size and class worldwide. Know for its agility, safety record, unchallenged reliability. Our Coasters are air-conditioned, super clean, and have been configured to comfortably accommodate 24 -28 adults with reasonable luggage.



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American Airlines (914) Miami

AA 914

Miami FL ( MIA)

02:45 pm

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